Gresham College is adjusting its operations in line with UK government guidance and the advice of the Chief Medical Officer on COVID-19. Our guiding principle must be consideration for the health and safety of our audience, our staff and lecturers, and the wider community.

We would first encourage you to look through our online archive of over 2500 existing lectures – there is fascinating material there for everyone – if you want to be inspired, and are looking for intellectual stimulation, do have a look. Our lectures cover everything from the cultural history of the body, to the biggest questions in our Universe. 

The College’s programme of live lectures has obviously been affected by the coronavirus situation. We previously suspended our provision of live lectures to in-person audiences, but asked our professors and lecturers (where possible) to deliver their lectures via to-camera live-streaming (without an in-person audience). For examples of this, please see Simon Thurley’s Lecture on “Charles II: The Court in Exile” and Joanna Bourke’s “A History of the Stomach”.

However, in response to the Prime Minister’s speech on 23 March, filming to camera in Barnard’s Inn Hall is no longer an option. We do not feel that travel to the Hall for Gresham staff or lecturers for this purpose reasonably falls under the permitted category of “travelling to and from work, but only where it is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home”. 

We can , however, stream some of our lectures from the lecturer directly – see, for example, Professor Endersby’s Lecture ”Good Gardeners of Planet Earth”. 

But as some lecturers will not be able to operate this way, other lectures will be postponed until the situation improves. We hope to provide an adjusted programme of previously postponed lectures in due course.

We will continue to update this page regularly in response to developing guidance.

Please bear with us as we work to provide you with updated information. We are very grateful for your support of the College and would encourage you to watch out for our online offerings.