Some of the world's greatest academics have been Gresham Professors over the past 400 years. Find out about them, our Visiting Professors and the wide range of visiting speakers who continue to provide free public lectures at Gresham College.

Gresham Speakers - C
Cadbury, Adrian
Cairns, David
Calcutt QC, David
Cambridge, Nicholas
Cameron, Peter
Campbell, Iain
Campbell-Kelly, Martin
Cannon, Tom
Caplan, Jane
Carlile of Berriew QC, Alex
Carlton, David
Carney, Mark
Carrington, John C
Carter, Simon
Carter-Silk, Alexander
Cartledge, Paul
Carullo, Valeria
Carver, Terrell
Cary, Nat
Casely-Hayford OBE, Gus
Castor, Helen
Caulkin, Simon
Centner, Terence
Chadha, Jagjit
Chadwick, Andrew
Chakmakjian, Pauline
Chamber Domaine,
Champion, Justin
Chancellor, Edward
Chaplin, Simon
Chaplin, Richard
Chapman, Allan
Chapple, Alice
Charlton, Alan
Chartres, Richard
Chemla, Karine
Cheng, Paul
Cherry, Stephen
Cheung, Grace
Chick, Victoria
Christie FBA, Ian
Church, Stephen
Ciryam, Prajwal
Clark, Christopher
Clark, David M
Clark, Stuart
Clark, Kelly
Clarke, Bob
Clarke, Gillian
Clarke, Sarah
Clarke, Keith James
Clavin, Patricia
Clayton, Allan
Clearkin FRCS, Louis
Close, Frank
Clunas, Craig
Clute, John
Coakley, Sarah
Coates, Andrew
Code, David
Coffman, D'Maris
Coggan, Lord
Cohen, Nathalie
Cole, Jonathan
Coles, Deborah
Collins, Julia
Collins, Rory
Conlon, Ann
Connell, Tim
Cook, Gordon
Cook, Christopher
Cook, Elizabeth
Cooke QC, Nicholas
Cooklin, Alan
Cooper, Tarnya
Cooper, Malcolm
Cooper, Michael
Copley, Jon
Corillon, Carol
Cormack, Robin
Cortazzi, Hugh
Corton, Christine
Costa, Kenneth
Cotton, Jon
Cottrell, Alison
Coupe, Toby
Couper, Heather
Courville, Sasha
Cox DSc, Francis
Crafts, Nicholas
Craig, David
Craig, Murray D
Craine MHK, Anne
Cranston FBA, Ross
Crawford, Carolin
Crawford, Elizabeth
Cross, Jonathan
Crowthers, Malcolm
Crump, Thomas
Crump, Bernard
Cuff, Chris
Cullum, Philip
Cunningham, Hugh
Cuomo, Serafina
Curl, James Stevens

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