Gresham Professor of Music


Annual stipend of £7,000 (plus reasonable expenses)


This position is a part time professorship, and applications for the position of Gresham Professor of Music are open to any discipline of ancient, medieval, classical and/or modern music.

Reports To

The Provost

How to Apply

Applicants should submit:

1. A statement indicating suitability for the post (say where you saw the position advertised)

2. A brief curriculum vitae (maximum 10 pages)

3. Details (titles and abstracts) of your proposed programme of six lectures for academic year 2018-19, plus an outline of your proposed programme for the following two years. 

4. A link to a video of a lecture or talk recently presented by yourself

5. Names and addresses of at least two referees

6. Please also complete our Equal Opportunities Monitoring form

Applications should be addressed to the Provost, Professor Sir Richard Evans FBA, Gresham College, Holborn, London EC1N 2HH, or may be sent by e mail to

The deadline for receipt of applications is 9 January 2018.

Interviews will be held in London on 27 February 2018.


Gresham College is currently seeking a Professor of Music. The appointment is to be offered for a period of three years and will commence on 1 August 2018.  Gresham College was established in 1597 under the Will of the Elizabethan financier Sir Thomas Gresham, who nominated the Corporation of the City of London and the Worshipful Company of Mercers to be his Trustees. They manage the Estate through the Joint Grand Gresham Committee. A Council administers the College, which is a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status. The College has been based at Barnard’s Inn Hall in Holborn since 1991, where there is a small office staff.

The College has no registered students, it runs no courses, and makes no academic awards. In addition to the historic obligation to provide free public lectures, the College collaborates with institutions of higher education, learned societies and professional bodies, offering opportunities to draw attention to ideas, problems and issues of significance and interest. All lectures are filmed and live-streamed and made available through the Gresham website, offering a platform through which wide audiences can be reached with opportunities for discussion and debate that are not always available elsewhere.

The scope of the disciplines originally identified by Gresham has changed over time, and appointments now reflect the ways in which education has expanded. The first Gresham Professor of Music was appointed in 1597 and a new appointment is to be made following the end of the term of tenure of Professor Christopher Page.  The position is open to any discipline within the field of Music. An indication of method of presentation (ie with recordings, presentations, live music), is required. The post offers excellent opportunities to widen public exposure for the successful candidate, as well as the opportunity to expand his/her communication skills. It is normally offered for a period of three years and will commence on 1 August 2018.  It is not essential for applicants to have had a formal university appointment.



The obligations that Professors are asked to accept reflect the Trustees’ determination to maintain the highest standards of academic activity that are consonant with the limitations that are inevitably associated with the part-time involvement of distinguished incumbents.

Professors must present six one-hour lectures each year; some of these occasions can be seminars or other methods of presentation, if desired, but the fundamental requirement is that they should be open to a general audience. This dissemination of the Professors’ presentations is an extremely important aspect of the College’s work. All lectures must be accompanied by a written transcript or summary, to be distributed at the end of the lecture. All lectures are video recorded for the Gresham Website and also live-streamed, attracting an ever-increasing audience from all over the world.

An annual fee of £7,000 (inclusive of VAT where applicable) is payable by the College. Each Professor is expected to provide a text of his or her presentation in advance of the lecture, and the transcripts are published and distributed after the event. The annual programme is prepared well in advance and each year Professors should submit, by 31 March, their availability and titles of their lectures for the next academic year. Professors are also expected to attend meetings of the Academic Board, which are held four times a year. Two Professors, chosen by the Academic Board, represent their colleagues on the College Council that meets up to five times a year. Additionally there are occasional social events, where there are opportunities for Professors to meet the Council and the Trustees.

The Academic Board meetings consider the College’s programme of activities. The agenda usually includes proposals for conferences, seminars and other initiatives that supplement the lecture programme, and may include proposals for the collective development of activities by more than one Professor.  

Enquiries to Dr Valerie Shrimplin, Academic Registrar, telephone 020 7831 0575, e-mail

Further information can be found in the Professorial Appointment Brief here.