Fun with Visual Illusions

Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Museum of London


Visual illusions entertain and astonish us.  How and why they occur is due to the way our visual system processes information.  The study of visual illusions leads to many surprising and counterintuitive conclusions about vision. How illusions occur will be illustrated with many beautiful, well-known examples from art history as well as novel images.  Following this talk the world out there will seem to be a very different place.

This is a part of Professor Ayliffe's 2010/2011 series of lectures as Gresham Professor of Physic.  The other lectures in this series include:
        Correction of Optical Defects: From Spectacles to Lasers
        Diabetes, Hypertension and Vasular Diseases of the Eye
        Blindness in Children: The Global Perspective
        Why we see what we do