Monday, 7 March 2016, 1:00PM
Barnard's Inn Hall

Wildlife Gardening

Professor Justin Dillon

Growing concern for the environment has encouraged us to see that we can make a contribution to biodiversity by changing how we design and use our gardens. This talk will look at the emergence of wildlife gardening in a number of locations ranging from homes to schools to businesses. 

A number of examples from around the world will help us to think about the potential of London's gardens.

Part of the Mondays at One Gardens Series


Justin is Professor of Science and Environmental Education & Head of School at the University of Bristol.

He is also associated with the Centre for Wildlife Gardens at Dulwich, London. He is trustee of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and was Chair of the London Wildlife Trust for many years.

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7 March 2016

Wildlife Gardening
Professor Justin Dillon

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