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Are you looking for resources that complement and yet go beyond the school curriculum? Expert sources to help you stand out from the crowd at sixth form and university interview?

Gresham lectures are a great resource for both teachers and students because they provide stretch, challenge and support for the GCSE, A Level and International  Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. 

As a teacher, if you are writing a scheme of work / lesson plan, teaching a lesson or setting homework, including our lectures are a flexible way to reinforce and develop learning; and support students with different learning styles

As a student, attending Gresham lectures in person or watching online can deepen your knowledge and develop new ideas, concepts and perspectives that can be used and referenced in exams, coursework (including EPQs), and at university interviews, 

In addition to subject groupings below, we have also created a number of exciting playlists ranging from The Tudors to Practical Applied Mathematics. These will be updated and added to regularly, providing a great free resource for exploring subjects related to the set curriculum.

Teachers can book to attend a live lecture.

The Gresham Competition

Gresham College also runs an annual Competition for students in Year 12 (Wales and England), S5 (Scotland) and Year 13 (Northern Ireland) to promote the art of communicating complex information in a clear, concise and compelling way. Students are asked to submit a five-minute, recorded presentation on a given topic. Find out more