Dr Adam Hansen

Adam is Senior Lecturer in English at Northumbria University, having taught at several universities (York, Oxford, Queen's Belfast,  Łódź and South East European University).

He has published numerous articles and chapters on early modern culture in its own time and after, exploring, amongst other things, Shakespeare's afterlives in fascism, disco, science fiction, and folk music. He is also the author of Shakespeare and Popular Music (2010), editor of Shakespeare in the North (2021), and co-editor of Litpop: Writing and Popular Music (2014), Shakespearean Echoes (2015), and The White Devil: A Critical Reader (2016).

From 2014-19, he convened the free, monthly, public reading group Shakespeare Club at Newcastle’s Lit and Phil, and at other locations in the North of England.  He is fascinated by how particular times and places produce particular kinds of culture and ways of understanding it, and how certain cultural forms represent specific locations, and experiences of dislocation.

Recent Past Lectures

Offensive Shakespeare

Dr Adam Hansen
Monday, 21 September 2020 - 5:30PM