Suggested lectures for Sixth Form students

Many of our lectures are useful for A-Levels, and also for career and study decisions, for personal statements, for ‘stretch and challenge’ and to those planning to do Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs). We are one of the external organisations recommended by Oxford University for those applying to Oxford.

You can search on our archive, or see the links below to pages about particular subjects (work in progress). Lectures more than 5 years old may have poor video quality, though the transcripts may be a good substitute.

New lectures in 2020-21 for students: 
Astronomy: A series called Cosmic Vision by Astronomy Professor Katherine Blundell, and another by award-winning science communicator Professor Roberto Trotta, The Unexpected Universe
Business/ Economics: A series on The Psychology of Finance by Business Professor Alex Edmans; a series on Intergenerational Justice by Visiting Professor Martin Daunton.
Classics A three-part series on Great Thinkers by Professor Edith Hall
English/Media A series on The Powers of the Novel by Visiting Professor John Mullan, and a three-part series on classic film, Exploding the Film Canon by Visiting Professor Ian Christie.
Geography: Two short series about the environment, Our Connected World, and How to Build a Just and Prosperous Planet by Professor Jacqueline McGlade.
History A fascinating series on Evil Women in history by Professor Joanna Bourke, a series on England’s Reformations by Professor Alec Ryrie; a Black History Month series including lectures by Professor Hakim Adi, Professor Richard Drayton and curator Dr Gus Casely-Hayford; a series about Darwin and his legacy by visiting Professor Jim Endersby; and lots of one-off lectures. 
IT: Great Ideas From Computer Science by IT Professor Richard Harvey, which includes algorithms, data, programs and networks; a lecture on AI and Humour by Visiting Professor Yorick Wilks.
Law/ Politics/ Citizenship A series on Death, the State and Human Rights by Law Professor Leslie Thomas QC, which will discuss police restraint and inquests into deaths in custody (especially relevant to the Black Lives Matter movement); a series on The Politics of the Courtroom by Visiting Professor Thomas Grant, which will look at where the balance of power should be between politicians and the courts.
MathematicSarah Hart, Gresham Professor of Mathematics, will look at Mathematics in Music and Writing, and some one-offs – Professor Kevin Buzzard on Will Computers Outsmart Mathematicians? and Dr Kit Yates on The Maths of Life and Death.
Medicine A series on Major Debates in Public Health by the Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Chris Whitty, and a series by Visiting Professor Roger Kneebone on Performing Medicine which will include a lecture on knife crime.
Music A series on Russian Piano Masterpieces by Music Professor Marina Frolova-Walker; and 100 years of BBC Radio by Visiting Professor Jeremy Summerly
Religion A series on England's Reformations by Professor Alec Ryrie, looking at different aspects of the history of the transformational change ‘The Reformation’ had (also mentioned in History).

Booking free student places at our lectures (in-person lectures are currently suspended due to COVID-19)

If you are from a UK school and want to bring a school group to one of our free lectures, please get in touch (email as we can usually reserve some places for school parties (most of our lectures are first-come, first-served).

At most lectures we can reserve up to 20 spaces, but occasionally we can do more. You can also sign up for updates about lectures here:

We also live-stream all our lectures and leave them online so you can show them again in the classroom or students can watch them in their own time.

Want to hear a speaker we don’t currently have?

Please do email us ( if there are particular speakers you’d like to see cover topics on the syllabus that would be useful for students in your subject at the moment – we are already planning the programme for 2020-21!

Want a speaker to come to your school?

Some of our Professors are signed up with the charity Speakers For Schools and give free talks in a few schools a year; others have their own initiatives.

Most are doing something so while we can pass your details on to them, we can’t guarantee they will be available.

Professors who currently want to do more work in schools, particularly state schools in London, include Environment Professor Jacqueline McGlade. 

Email us on