Advanced resources: oracy skills

Young people sitting listening to a speaker in a library setting

The essentials of a good presentation:

 Make a strong opening

Structure the presentation

Make compelling points using rhetoric and storytelling (making it memorable)

Use eye contact and compelling gestures / body language 

Use your voice to its full extent – vary pace, pitch, tone, etc

Use visual aids to reinforce your message and better explain your information

Make a strong conclusion

Take Questions at the end

Overcome nerves

Watch in full: Public Speaking Without Fear

The video above is a good resource for people who may not think about rehearsing their presentations enough. Professor Edmans shows how he went from uncomfortable public speaking to becoming a highly-rated speaker today - an MBA Professor of the Year and author of a Ted Talk - through much practice. He talks through many issues, from not knowing what to do with your hands, to the way to handle a post-talk Q&A. The overall message is, work to improve what you can do!