Geography/ Environment - General 

Exploring Earth From Space Jacqueline McGlade

Our Connected World series Jacqueline McGlade (2021) 

How to Build A Just and Prosperous Planet series Jacqueline McGlade (2021) 

Climate Change

How to Avert a Climate Catastrophe Jacqueline McGlade, Geoffrey Beattie, Vicky Pope, Damien Short

Climate Change: A Defining Challenge for the 21st Century Dame Julia Slingo

Hotting Up: Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change in the 21st Century Carolyn Roberts 

The Mathematics of Climate Change Chris Budd OBE

How Climate Change is Making Plants Toxic (Food Security)  Jacqueline McGlade 

Issues: Antibiotic Resistance, Nano-Materials, Childhood Malnutrition, Pollution and Inequality, Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental Controversies

Antibiotic Resistance Jacqueline McGlade

Nano-Materials Jacqueline McGlade

Childhood Malnutrition Jacqueline McGlade

Pollution and Inequality Jacqueline McGlade

Sustainable Planet series on the UN's sustainable development goals Jacqueline McGlade

Environmental Controversies series Carolyn Roberts (from organic food to who's to blame for flooding) 

Global Environmental Challenges series Carolyn Roberts (from air pollution to climate change to megacities)


Volcanoes series Sir Stephen Sparks