12 lectures about the history of Epidemics - playlist includes Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Richard Evans

Career in Medicine

Does a Good Bedside Manner Matter? Martin Elliott 

The Right Stuff: How do we Make Good Doctors? Gwen Adshead 

Nice Work if You Can Get It: Life as a Children's Heart Surgeon Martin Elliott

General Medical Advances

Cancer series  Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer for England)

The Eradication of Infectious Diseases Chris Whitty 

Epidemics, Pandemics and How to Control Them Chris Whitty

The Eye series William Ayliffe

The Media and Medicine

Media Reporting of Medical Advances: Helpful or Misleading Martin Elliott 

Medicine: Issues: Demography, Air Pollution, Personalisation, Value, Blame, Bristol Scandal

Future Demography Chris Whitty

Air Pollution - Impact and Possible Solutions Chris Whitty

Personalised Medicine Martin Elliott 

What is Value in Healthcare Martin Elliott 

The Medical Profession and Blame Culture Martin Elliott

The Bristol Scandal Martin Elliott

Alternative Views on Medical Education

What is Missing From Medical Training? Caroline Elton

Staying in Touch With Patients Roger Kneebone

The Myth of the Lone Heroic Surgeon Roger Kneebone

Dissecting the Consultation Roger Kneebone 

Performing Medicine, Performing Surgery Roger Kneebone

Formula 1 and its Contributions to Healthcare Martin Elliott

The Ethics of Surgical Innovation (Robotic surgery) Roger Kneebone 

Improvising Medicine (learning from Musical improvisation) Roger Kneebone