Dr Eva Maria Kaufholz-Soldat

Dr Eva Kaufholz-Soldat

Eva Kaufholz-Soldat studied mathematics and history of mathematics at the University of Hamburg and received her diploma with a technical thesis on the beginnings of matrix calculus in the theory of bilinear forms, up to its establishment through the representation theory of groups and quantum mechanics.

With her dissertation on the reception history of the Russian mathematician Sofya Kovalevskaya (1850-1891) over the course of the long 19th century, she has turned to research at the intersection of cultural history and the history of women in science. Recently, she has developed a particular interest in women in astronomical research as a sub-discipline of mathematics in the 19th century. 

Since November 2021, she has been working at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Koblenz, where she tries to offer students insights into the beauty of historical mathematics, whether in courses on the history of mathematics or, in modern guise, in classes on the foundations of algebra, geometry and number theory. She also teaches in the Gender Studies Certificate Programme at the University of Koblenz and is an external member of the Cornelia Goethe Centre for Women's Studies and the Study of Gender Relations at Goethe University Frankfurt.