Dr Genevieve Patenaude

Dr Patenaude was awarded a PhD from the University of Oxford in 2006 and has since taken a lectureship position at the University of Edinburgh. Her key research interests are in ecosystem services, forests and carbon management.

She is currently leading a NERC-funded network on forest and finance risks as well as a NERC-DFID-ESRC funded research project on Forest Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation (www.esi.ac.uk/espa). She is also involved in the development of a mission concept for a Spaceborne Multispectral Lidar (NERC NCEO). Dr Patenaude has authored several peer-reviewed publications and is one of the contributing authors to the Nobel Price winning Integovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports (Good Practice Guidance for Land Use Change and Forestry).

In order to build capacity and knowledge of the private sector, Dr Patenaude took a career break in 2008 to pursue an MBA (HEC Mtl, graduated with distinction). She has since contributed strategic expertise to the consulting firm McKinsey & Company; has been involved in setting up Ecometrica Ltd. (www.ecometrica.co.uk) a company of specialists and experts in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and ecosystem services; and co-founded cArbomap Ltd. (www.carbomap.com), which develops new technologies for measuring and mapping forest carbon (a key development being a multispectral canopy lidar optimised for forest applications, patent P136237.GB.01/GRAYJ 2008).  Her awards and grants total around €0.75M.