Dr. Laure Miolo

Dr Laure Miolo

Laure is the Lyell Fellow in Latin Palaeography at the Faculty of History of the University of Oxford, and a Dilts Fellow, at Lincoln College. She is a historian of late medieval Europe, specialising in manuscript studies with a special focus on scientific collections. In her research, she explores intellectual practices and the diffusion of scientific knowledge in different milieux, based on an analysis of texts, manuscripts, and medieval libraries. Laure is interested in the diffusion and renewal of mathematical sciences, more particularly astronomy and astrology, in late medieval France and England. 

Before coming to Oxford, she was an Early Career Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and a Munby Fellow at the Cambridge University Library. She has held fellowships and positions at the Bodleian Library, the British Library, the IRHT (CNRS, Paris), the Paris Observatory and the EPHE. She completed a PhD in medieval history at the University of Lyon in association with the Bibliothèque nationale de France, with a dissertation on the scientific collection of the early library of the Collège de Sorbonne.

She published on a wide range topics at the intersect of manuscript studies and history of science focusing on the scientific practices, texts and manuscripts of several groups of scholars active in the universities of Paris, Oxford and Cambridge in the late Middle Ages. More recently, she was awarded a Neil Ker Memorial Fund from the British Academy to pursue her research on the manuscripts and texts of the astronomer and physician Lewis Caerleon (d. c. 1495).