George Tait Edwards

Part of the lifescript of George Tait Edwards has been his investigation over more than four decades into the mechanisms of explosive economic growth in the USA from 1938-45, in post-war Japan 1945-75, and in post-rapprochemont China 1975-now. Following articles (co-authored by Lord Harold Lever in the Sunday Times during November and December 1979) George Edwards tried to advise the Thatcher governments about these issues, lobbying parliament through the Grylls Group during the 1979-83 years, but he failed to have any positive effect due to well-funded Clearing Bank opposition to the interests of the British people. The titles of the five books he has co-authored or written accurately reflect his interest in these topics. The first four titles were all published by Macmillan Academic (now the Palgrave Press) and are:

John C Carrington and George T Edwards, Financing Industrial Investment, 1979.
John C Carrington and George Edwards, Reversing Economic Decline, 1981.
George T Edwards, How Economic Growth and Inflation Happen, 1984. 
George T Edwards, The Role of Banks in Economic Development, The Economics of Industrial Resurgence (Foreword by Harold Lever), 1987.

And finally a fifth book published by Lulu in June 2014 about Dr Osamu Shimomura who was "Japan's most influential postwar economist" whose insights and policies lie at the root of the high growth of the Tokyo Consensus economies: "Shimomuran Economics and the Rise of the Tokyo Consensus