Martin Myerscough

An engineer by training and a Chartered Accountant, Martin Myerscough, has worked for a number of accountancy firms, his final position being that of a manager with Arthur Andersen & Co. in London.  He then held the position of Finance Director of KS Biomedix Holdings plc from 1994 to 2000, which was admitted to AIM in 1995 and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1998.  The Company was subsequently sold.  He is the founder and inventor of the technology behind the Titan washing machine. The product is now selling in Thailand, Scandinavia and Germany, and has contracts for the first orders in the Middle East and Australia.  From 2001 he has been a Director and recently Chairman of the Jupiter Primadona Growth Trust plc, a £50 million general investment trust managed by Jupiter.  He is the founder shareholder and instigator of the Fine Art Fund – a collective investment fund in Art.  He is the founder of GreenBottle Ltd and invented the GreenBottle concept.