Nick Graham

Professor Nick Graham

Professor Nick Graham is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a Chair in Marine Ecology. He tackles large-scale ecological and social-ecological coral reef issues under the overarching themes of climate change, human use and resilience. He has assessed the impacts of climate induced coral bleaching on coral reef fish assemblages, fisheries and ecosystem stability. He has studied the patterns and processes by which degraded coral reefs recover, and how this can be influenced by management. He has worked extensively on the ecological ramifications of fishing and closed area management. Increasingly he works with social scientists linking social-ecological systems for natural resource assessment and management.

Nick has published nearly 200 peer reviewed journal articles, available through his Google Scholar page. This has included key papers assessing the long-term outcomes for reefs severely disturbed by climatic disturbances (nature 2015), identification of the worlds coral reefs that are outperforming given the conditions they are exposed to (nature 2016), an assessment of the spatial and temporal patterns of mass coral bleaching (science 2018), and determining how seabirds enhance coral reef productivity and functioning (nature 2018).