Gerald wakefield

Professor Gerald Wakefield

  • Professor of Law (1998-2000)

Gerald Wakefield was the Gresham Professor of Law between 1998 and 2000. He is a leading expert in international telecoms law and regulation and electronic technology law.

Upon his appointment to the Law professorship in 1998 he wrote the following:

"I am very pleased to be appointed Professor of Law at Gresham College at this time as the area of law in which I have some knowledge, electronic commerce and Internet law, requires significant input from governments, commercial organisations and the informed public. It is a difficult subject which needs more informed debate.

"I have been practising in this area of law in Australia, throughout Asia and more recently in the UK and Europe, and have written many papers on the range of issues associated with the developemnt of the Internet and electronic commerce. I look foward to a lively debate in the lectures, particularly relating to issues such as pornography, defamation, contract at-a-distance, privacy, data protection and the other regulartory and legal issues involved."