Professor Jonathan Cross

Jonathan Cross taught at the Universities of Sussex (1986–95) and Bristol (1996–2003) before coming to Oxford in 2003, where he is Professor of Musicology, and Student and Tutor in Music at Christ Church. He has written, lectured and broadcast widely on issues in twentieth-century and contemporary music, and in theory and analysis.

His publications include the highly acclaimed The Stravinsky Legacy (Cambridge, 1998); a study of the work of Harrison Birtwistle (London, 2000); and an edited companion to the music of Stravinsky (Cambridge, 2003). His monograph on Birtwistle's opera The Mask of Orpheus has recently been published (Farnham, 2009). He was Associate Editor (1994–9) and Editor (2000–2004) of the journal Music Analysis, and currently serves on the Editorial/Advisory Boards of Music Analysis, Tempo and Analysis in Context (Leuven Studies in Musicology). He is also one of the new Associate Editors of Grove Music Online. Future work includes a major collaborative project on traditions of music theory and analysis in Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and another book on Stravinsky (in the 'Critical Lives' series of Reaktion Press).

He has supervised doctoral projects on, among other topics, modernity and Marxism, Bill Hopkins, minimalism 1960–2001, British music and politics 1930–45, Stravinsky's pianism, Russian émigré musicians in Paris, music and melancholy, Britten's stage works, Vaughan Williams, and composition.

He currently offers undergraduate lecture courses in Expressionism, music in Vienna 1900–1935, music after 1945, musical experimentalism, and Stravinsky. He also teaches a seminar in theory and analysis as part of the MSt programme. Tutorial teaching includes topics in music history (18th to 21st centuries), analysis, and musical thought and scholarship.