After 150 years: The topicality of Roget's Thesaurus

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The first thesaurus was created by Dr Peter Mark Roget in 1805.

What was his story? What inspired him to create this monumental work? How did he go about classifying and assorting the synonyms and antonyms?
Roget's interesting life and legacy, the theoretical links to Leibniz and Aristotle, and even the trademarking of the name 'Roget' will be addressed by Dr John Old.

This lecture is a part of the Look it up yourself! A History of the Dictionary series, which celebrates the tercentenary of the birth of Samuel Johnson.
Other lectures in this 'Monday's at One' series include:
   Dr Johnson, I presume?
   The Meaning of Everything: The history of the Oxford English Dictionary
   From Dictionary User to Amateur Lexicographer: Possibilities of on-line searches

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This event was on Mon, 16 Mar 2009


Dr L John Old

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