Are we all deluded now?

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The nature of belief and how we lost contact with reality Modern psychiatry has defined delusion as the insistent belief in the palpably untrue - this definition is essential to the whole mental health industry as it underpins our notion of what it is to be sane. Yet it could be that, as what is true and what isn't is frequently up for debate, the key focus of modern psychology and psychiatry has been misplaced. Perhaps instead it is our incessant journey to belief - our voyage to a conclusion - which is where the real action lies in terms of defining mental health. After all, when was the last time you checked your belief system for error?

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This event was on Wed, 20 Oct 2004


Dr Raj Persaud

Visiting Professor of Psychiatry

Raj Persaud is a Consultant Psychiatrist. Unusually for a psychiatrist he also holds a degree in psychology that he obtained with First Class Honours, and...

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