Brazil: Order and Progress - Questions and Answers

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Professor Tim Connell leads the panel of experts in responding to audience question, comments and concerns at the end of the Gresham College symposium on modern Brazil and its place in the world. A fascinating discussion of a country that is just reaching an era of global importance.

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Professor Tim Connell

An honorary life fellow of Gresham College, Professor Tim Connell is an Emeritus Foundation professor at City, University of London, where he set up a full range of language activities over a period of nineteen years.

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Maria Lucia G. Pallares-Burke

Maria Lúcia G. Pallares-Burke was Professor at the University of São Paulo and is now Research Associate of the Centre of Latin American Studies, University...

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Professor Anthony Pereira

Professor Pereira is currently Director of the Brazil Institute at King's College London. His current work concerns citizenship, human rights, public security, and state coercion...

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Alan Charlton

Alan was the British Ambassador to Brazil between 2008 - 2013. joined the Diplomatic Service in 1978 and has served in the British Embassy in Amman, the United States and Germany. While...

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