Christianity and Religion: The Last 400 Years and the Next

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This is a series of lectures that included the following talks:

Monday 24 February 1997
Sex and Safety: The Real Crisis for Religions The Revd. Professor John Bowker Gresham Professor of Divinity   Monday 3 March 1997
The Bearable Lightness of Being? Fundamentalism, Revivalism and the Fuure of Enthusiastic Religion The Revd. Dr. Martyn Percy Christ’s College, Cambridge   Monday 10 March 1997
Order and Organisation:
The Future of Institutional and Established Religion Professor Richard Roberts, Lancaster University   Monday 17 March 1997
Beyond the Dark Night: Is there salvation inside the church? Professor Mary Grey La Sainte Union College, Southampton  

All of these talks are available in the PDF available to be downloaded below.

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This event was on Mon, 24 Feb 1997


Revd Canon Dr Martyn Percy

Martyn Percy is Principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford. He is also visiting Professor of Theology and Ministry, Hartford Seminary, Connecticut; Professor of Theological Education...

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john bowker

The Revd Professor John Bowker

Professor of Divinity

Revd John Bowker was the Gresham Professor of Divinty between 1992 and 1997.

His former positions include a Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge...

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Professor Richard Roberts

Professor Roberts was one of the first student to pass through the Department of Religious Studies established by Professor Ninian Smart at Lancaster University in...

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Professor Mary Grey

Professor Mary Grey is an ecofeminist liberation theologian, until recently D.J.James Professor of Pastoral Theology at the University of Wales, Lampeter and formerly Professor of...

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