Genetics, Evolution and Eugenics - Lecture Two

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This lecture is  an investigation of the central concept of the gene. By retracing the history of the gene from 1860 to 1960, it will be shown that, far from being a fixed category, what is meant by biologists when they speak of genes has changed over time and how the models of the geneticists have interacted with eugenics.


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This event was on Mon, 06 Dec 1999

professor steven rose

Professor Steven Rose

Professor of Physic

Professor Steven Rose is a Professor of Biology and Neurobiology at the Open University and University of London. Rose read Biochemistry at King's College, Cambridge and Neurobiology at Cambridge and the Institute...

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hilary rose

Professor Hilary Rose

Professor of Physic

Hilary Rose has published extensively in the sociology of science from a feminist perspective and has held numerous appointments in the UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Norway, Finland and at the Swedish...

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