Law Lectures by Professor Sir David Calcutt QC, October 1992 - June 1993

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Professor Sir David Calcutt's first series of six free public lectures as the Gresham Professor of Law were as follows:

14 October 1992
A Barrister at Work

1 December 1992
Compensating the Victims of Violent Crimes

24 February 1993
The Part-Time Judiciary

28 April 1993
The Ecclesiastical Courts

26 May 1993
Appelate Jurisdiction in the Channel Islands

23 June 1993
The Takeover Panel

They are all available in one PDF document, available to download below.

This event was on Wed, 14 Oct 1992

david calcutt

Professor Sir David Calcutt QC

Professor of Law

Sir David Calcutt was the Gresham Professor of Law between 1992 and 1995.

An eminent barrister, Sir David Calcutt served as chairman of numerous government...

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