The Life and Legacy of William Tyndale

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It was within William Tyndale's The Obedience of a Christian Man  that King Henry VIII found the rationale to break the Church in England from the Roman Catholic Church. But it was only four years prior to that in 1530 Tyndale had written a treatise opposing Henry VIII's divorce because of its conflict with the word of the Scriptures.

It will surprise few to find out that in 1536 he was convicted of heresy and executed. His dying request was that the King of England's eyes would be opened, and so it was that just two years later Henry VIII authorised of The Great Bible for the Church of England, a work which was largely Tyndale's own.

The Rt Revd and Rt Hon The Lord Coggan offers a short overview of William Tyndale's amazing and eventful life.

This is the 1994 Gresham Special Lecture.

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This event was on Thu, 19 May 1994


The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Lord Coggan

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