The Media and Religion: Religious Broadcasting - Defender of Faiths

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A lecture that sets out the argument for: 

1) That there has been little reconsideration of the role religious broadcastingshould play since the days of Lord Reith.
2) That, because of an inherited culture, and a managerial patronage, there has been an inadequate development from tradition Christian communication into religious Broadcasting.
3) That, in accepting the intellectual perspective of current gatekeepers - those people who commission and schedule programmes - much religious broadcasting has failed to accept or to take into consideration the role faith plays in the lives of people.

This lecture was chaired by The Revd Professor John Bowker.

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This event was on Mon, 04 Nov 1996


David Craig

Former Head of Religious Broadcasting, BBC World Service

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john bowker

The Revd Professor John Bowker

Professor of Divinity

Revd John Bowker was the Gresham Professor of Divinty between 1992 and 1997.

His former positions include a Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge...

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