What Medicine Can Learn from Savile Row

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Clinical practice is often seen as the acquisition and application of scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat diseases. Yet every patient is different. 

This lecture draws on a ten-year collaboration with a Savile Row tailor to explore ‘bespoke’ as a metaphor for clinical practice. Using this approach, the knowledge and skill of a practitioner must intersect with the needs of the patient to create a unique solution for each problem. 

With Joshua Byrne (bespoke tailor)

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This event was on Wed, 07 Oct 2020

Roger Kneebone

Professor Roger Kneebone

Visiting Professor of Medical Education

Roger Kneebone is Visiting Professor of Medical Education at Gresham College.

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Joshua Byrne

Joshua is a bespoke tailor and co-owner of tailoring house Byrne & Burge, which he founded in 2007.

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