Arise, Sir Isaac! Newton’s London career

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During the last thirty years of his life, Isaac Newton lived in London, where as head of the Royal Mint he moved in wealthy aristocratic circles, exerted substantial political influence, and profited financially from imperial trade and exploitation. To illustrate these themes, this lecture examines an oil painting by William Hogarth illustrating a children’s performance of John Dryden’s play The Indian Emperour, a dramatized version of the tussle for power between Hernando Cortez and Montezuma. 

This lecture is held in conjunction with the Science Museum’s Science City 1550-1800: The Linbury Gallery as part of its Science Museum Lates. N.B. 7pm start

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This event was on Wed, 26 Feb 2020


Dr Patricia Fara

Patricia has a degree in physics from Oxford and a PhD in History of Science from London. Based at Cambridge University since 1993, she is an Emeritus Fellow of Clare College and was President of the British Society for the History of Science from 2016-18.

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