Official Statistics: Counting with Confidence

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Statistics was very much a fragmented activity in government for until 1940 when Winston Churchill brought Lord Cherwell into No. 10 and asked him to form what was to become the Central Statistical Office.

This move proved to be a marvelous bonus, but it bought in its train difficulties, some of which linger today. With some fifty statistical units in the UK of varying size and capabilities, answering to nearly forty ministers, there was and still is, much to discuss on the CSO.

This is a part of the lecture series, Government Statistics.


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This event was on Wed, 09 Feb 1994

peter g moore

Professor Peter G. Moore

Professor of Rhetoric

Emeritus Gresham Professor of Rhetoric, having held the position from 1992 to 1994.

Professor Moore has a background as a statistician, an actuary, and industrialist...

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