Panel Discussion: Why wait for a generation? What can be done now?

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A panel of young people with experience of tackling inequalities offer their thoughts and responses to the symposium.

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This event was on Thu, 04 Oct 2012

Andrea Sutcliffe

Chief Executive of Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

Andrea joined SCIE as Chief Executive in April 2012. She was previously Chief Executive of the...

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Zara Todd

Zara Todd is a youth participation worker at the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) and is a member of the British Council’s Disability Advisory Panel. She...

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Tabitha Manzuangani

Named as a Young Star in the Klevis Kola Foundation ‘Woman of the Future Awards’ in 2010, Tabitha volunteers as part of the ‘young-volunteer’ scheme...

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Cyra Mutesi

Cyra Mutesi

Cyra Mutesi is a specialist in education, health and social care based in London. For over a decade, she has advised on national and local...

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Benjamin Farnes

Member of the Youth Parliament for the Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Winchester constituency.

Benjamin is also involved within the National Children’s Bureau as a Young Research...

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