Panel - "Trust Me, I'm a Regulator! Regulation, Governance & Trust"

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Philip Cullum, Bill Emery, with Chairman: Professor Michael Mainelli
What is the point of regulation?
What are the drivers of regulation as a tool for conveying trust?
What role does the regulator play in conveying trust?

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This event was on Thu, 27 Oct 2011


Philip Cullum

Philip joined Ofgem in September 2011 as Partner, Consumer and Demand-side Insight.  He is a member of the government’s Regulatory Policy Committee, which advises the...

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Dr Bill Emery

Bill Emery was chief executive of the Office of Rail Regulation from 2005 to 2011.  Dr Emery was previously director of costs and performance and...

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alderman professor michael mainelli

Lord Mayor Professor Michael Mainelli

Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli MStJ PhD MPhil BA FCCA FCSI(Hon) FBCS CITP FIC CMC MEI is Honorary Life Fellow of Gresham College and Emeritus Mercers'...

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