Pop Goes Sustainability: Bubbling Forth, or Fifth - Panel Discussion

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This Long Finance conference will focus on the subject of market bubbles and their effects on efforts to ensure sustainability. During the course of the afternoon, two presentations and two panels will explore the dangers of exponential functions, the origins of bubbles, how bubbles impede sustainable investment, whether better information might help prevent bubbles and even whether 'green' thinking is itself a bubble. The overarching goals of Long Finance are to expand frontiers, change systems, deliver services and build communities.

A Panel Discussion with Dr Jon Danielsson, London School of Economics; John Redwood, MP; Keith Wade, Schroders; chaired by Professor Michael Mainelli.

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Dr Jon Danielsson

Jon Danielsson has a Ph.D. in the economics of financial markets and is a reader in finance at the London School of Economics. His research...

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John Redwood MP

John Redwood has been a Director of NM Rothschilds, Chairman of a major listed industrial UK group, Chairman of Concentric PLC, a global engineering business...

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Keith Wade

Keith Wade is Chief Economist at Schroders, based in London. He is responsible for the economics team and the house view of the world economy...

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alderman professor michael mainelli

Lord Mayor Professor Michael Mainelli

Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli MStJ PhD MPhil BA FCCA FCSI(Hon) FBCS CITP FIC CMC MEI is Honorary Life Fellow of Gresham College and Emeritus Mercers'...

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