Presenting Unwanted Histories: The project to establish the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum

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Dr Gareth Griffiths, Director of the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol.

This is the 2004 Joint Royal Historical Society/Gresham College Annual Lecture. The other joint lectures can be accessed here:
       2012 - Why the Enlightenment still matters today by Professor Justin Chapman
       2011 - The Rural Past and Urban Histories, 1881 - 2011 by Professor Alun Howkins
       2010 - What did eighteenth-century men want? by Professor Amanda Vickery
       2009 - The Institutionalisation of the Arts in Early Victorian England
                 by Charles Saumarez Smith
       2008 - History, Science and Religion by Dr Allan Chapman
       2007 - The fabrication of medieval history by Dr Simon Thurley
       2006 - The Curse of the Poke Bonnet: Television's Version by Joan Bakewell
       2005 - Travels in Time: History and identity in today's world by Michael Wood

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This event was on Wed, 03 Nov 2004


Dr Gareth Griffiths

Dr Griffiths is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bristol. He is also Director of the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol.

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