Professions for Good: Trust in the Professions – Findings from a series of roundtables

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There is a perception that the recent financial crisis has led to a breakdown in trust between members of the public and the business and professional communities in the UK. To discuss the matter in more detail and to explore how the professional community can restore this 'lost' trust, Professions for Good convened a series a roundtables to examine trust in relation to three areas of life: who can you trust as an individual; who can you trust in business; and who can you trust in society/your community? Consumer bodies, leaders of key institutions and public figures also contributed to the debates.

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This event was on Tue, 23 Apr 2013


Hilary Lindsay

Having been a partner in a firm of chartered accountants, Hilary became the director responsible for member services at ICAEW. Currently she lectures for the...

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