Should we pay the piper? Issues of artistic patronage

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Art has never flourished without some form of patronage, but is this an alternative to the 'market', or a stage towards it for the work of art?
Artistic patronage is, arguably, a perennial necessity because of the fragility of a new work of art. If that work demonstrates staying power - and of course many do not - the investment of the patron will be repaid generously in the market-place. Many commissioned masterpieces have shown this process. The financial support of artistic activity should thus be seen as a partner to market survival, as the first stage in a complex economic chain, rather than as a process of 'feather-bedding' that insulates art from market forces of choice.

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This event was on Fri, 16 Mar 2001

piers hellawell

Piers Hellawell

Professor of Music

Piers Hellawell is a composer, writer and photographer. He is Professor of Composition at Queen's University in Belfast and was the Gresham Professor of Music...

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