Stravinsky and Diaghilev: The Alternative Russian Revolution

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From 1910-1913, Stravinsky blazed a trail with his stunning ballet scores The Firebird, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring.  Written for Diaghilev's legendary Ballet Russes, these ballets were groundbreaking events not only for their innovative, iconoclastic music but also for the bold set designs and revolutionary choreography.  Diaghilev had assembled some of the finest creative artists of the day around him and the impact of these and subsequent productions is with us today.  The pre-concert talk explores their relationship and examine what makes Stravinsky's music so special.

Igor Stravinsky - Suite - L'Histoire du Soldat

            Marche du Soldat
            Musique de la Première Scène (Petits airs au bord du ruisseau)
            Musique de la Deuxième Scène (Pastorale)
            Marche Royale
            Petit Concert
            Trois Danses (Tango-Vals-Ragtime)
            Danse du Diable
            Grand Chorale
            Marche Triomphale du Diable

Performers: Thomas Kemp (Conductor)
                    Thomas Norris (Violin)
                    Graham Lee (Trombone)
                    Alice Lee (Bassoon)
                    Bruce Nockles (Cornet)
                    Duncan Prescott (Clarinet)
                    Alex Neal (Percussion)
                    Stacey Watton (Double Bass)

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This event was on Wed, 07 Oct 2009


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