What Surgeons Can Learn from Polar Explorers and Fighter Pilots

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Trauma surgery, combat flying and polar exploration require professionals to work in risky conditions where error can lead to catastrophe. One key skill is recognising when a situation is getting out of control and finding a ‘place of safety’; another is to learn from mistakes without allowing self-confidence to be destroyed. 

This lecture explores how high-risk professionals can share insights relevant to medicine, helping clinicians to develop essential skills. 

With Phil Bayman (combat pilot) and Dougal Goodman (polar explorer).

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This event was on Wed, 06 Jan 2021

Roger Kneebone

Professor Roger Kneebone

Visiting Professor of Medical Education

Roger Kneebone is Visiting Professor of Medical Education at Gresham College.

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Phil Bayman

Phil is a former RAF fighter pilot with extensive combat experience, who is a former instructor and performance coach for 100’s of the world’s finest fighter pilots, including many from the world famous Red Arrows.

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Dougal Goodman OBE

Dougal is a British scientist and was Chief Executive of the Foundation for Science and Technology between 2000-2018.

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