Trust-Busting or Trust-Building: How Can The City Earn Trust?

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In recent years, the reputation of the financial services and related professional services industries has been corroded by a series of scandals. In 2017, the largest ever decline in trust across the institutions of government, business, media and NGOs was reported.

In the light of the 2016 Brexit vote, it is clear that trust amongst society and commerce is more important  than ever. The City has a responsibility to regain the trust of the society it is here to serve.

This talk and panel discussion will explore the fundamentals of trust, why companies lower standards at their peril, and what, other than pious words, can be done to restore confidence that society has appropriate levels of commercial trust.

As mentioned in the talk by The Lord Mayor, below is a link to the Business of Trust survey:

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This event was on Thu, 08 Mar 2018


Charles Bowman

Alderman Charles Bowman was the 690th Lord Mayor. He is a senior partner with PwC and Alderman of the Lime Street Ward and served as Sheriff of the City of London in 2015/16.

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Ms Rebecca Aston

Rebecca is Head of Professional Standards at the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

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His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC

Nicholas is a Judge for the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)

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Ms Alison Cottrell

Alison is currently CEO of the Banking Standards Board

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