What can we do that's positive?

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From introducing 20mph speed limits on residential streets in rich countries to make them quality streets, to celebrating and learning from the 5% fall that occurred in infant mortality worldwide last year, an enormous amount is being done to improve equality in health and wellbeing both locally and globally. Most of the good news we hardly notice because we focus so much on what is going wrong, on trying to limit the harm perpetuated by selfish and stupid elites. Celebrate the good news, raise alarm about the harm, but above all promote what we have learnt to be good and try not to forget how much has so recently been learnt on how to reduce inequalities in health, wealth and happiness.

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This event was on Thu, 04 Oct 2012


Professor Danny Dorling

Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, Danny Dorling was educated at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne in Geography, Mathematics and Statistics...

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