Lecture, Mercers' Hall, Tuesday, 18 Oct 2022 - 18:00

Britain's Foreign Policy in a Fast-Changing World

an image of the Earth with the UK covered in a Union Jack flag

The 2022 Peter Nailor Memorial Lecture

For 40 years Britain's national strategy rested on two main pillars: close partnership with the United States, and a leading role in Europe. Both remain important, but the dramatic shifts in global geopolitics of recent years must make us re-appraise Britain's diplomatic priorities. How has Russia's aggression in Ukraine changed the focus of our foreign policy? How can the UK- outside the EU- best exercise influence to protect its interests and promote its values in a fast-changing world?

Sir Peter Ricketts

Sir Peter Ricketts

Peter Ricketts retired from the Diplomatic Service in January 2016.

He was British Ambassador to France between February 2012 and January 2016. Before this posting...

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