Lecture, Barnard's Inn Hall, Tuesday, 19 Mar 2024 - 18:00

Data Protection for Thrillseekers

a cgi image of a padlock on computer chips

We increasingly share with online services intimate details of our lives, such as mental health and reproductive data. Far from being a ‘tick box’ legal exercise, data protection is about fair and responsible use of our personal information.

It gives us rights which we are entitled to exercise against mega corporations, governments, and anyone who processes our data.

It’s time to get empowered. Because if we don’t use it, we might lose it.

Dr Victoria Baines

Professor Victoria Baines

IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology

Professor Victoria Baines FBCS is a leading authority in the field of online trust, safety and cybersecurity. She frequently contributes to major broadcast media outlets...

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