How We Recruit Speakers

Lecture from above, speaker in the middle

Gresham Professors

Gresham College appoints ten full-time Professors who serve three or four year terms and typically deliver six lectures each academic year. Seven of our Chairs are of the original subjects as set out by the Will of Thomas Gresham in 1575: Divinity, Astronomy, Geometry, Music, Law, Physic and Rhetoric. 

Over the years the college has reflected ways in which knowledge has expanded so, for example, the Chair of Physic now extends to all the medical and biological sciences; Astronomy represents the physical sciences; Geometry the mathematical sciences; Rhetoric the arts, humanities (except Music) and the social sciences.

Three newer Professorships in Business, IT and Environment, have helped us widen and modernise the academic programme.


In the final year of a serving Professor’s tenure we invite applications for the role, to begin the following September. As well as a detailed application which includes proposing their first series of lectures, candidates are asked to include a link to a previous lecture video which demonstrates their communication skills, appealing to both specialist and non-specialist audiences alike.

The Professors of Divinity, Astronomy, Geometry and Music are appointed in partnership with the City of London Corporation; Law, Physic and Rhetoric are appointed in partnership with the Worshipful Company of Mercers.

Business is sponsored by the Mercers' School Memorial Trust; Information Technology by the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and Environment by The Frank Jackson Foundation.

All Professorships are advertised on our Vacancies page. Alternatively, if you would like more information about any of the roles or to register your interest for future recruitment exercises please email

Visiting Professors

Visiting professorships allow us to broaden the subject matter we cover across the academic year, beyond the ten permanently-chaired subjects. Visiting Professors typically serve for one year and deliver three or four lectures. 

Guest speakers

Our Programme also includes guest speakers who join us for one-off lectures. The Provost, Academic Board and Registrar identify subject areas which are under-represented, topical or ground-breaking, and invite qualified speakers to cover them. These lectures are normally grouped together in short thematic series. We also accept lecture proposals from potential speakers. Please email for more information.