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Gresham College press releases can be viewed below. The Press Team gives advanced notice of groundbreaking lectures to accredited journalists including embargoed transcripts when possible. If you would like to be added to our press list or need information about a particular event, please email Lucia Graves, Head of Press & PR, at or on 07799 738 439. You can also sign up for our newsletter

Press releases

Do We Need Barristers?
There is no sensible reason for a split profession
2 February 2023

The Ocean Physics Behind Net Zero
To halt warming, carbon dioxide levels need to decline. How fast is still an open question
31 January 2023

Lottery-Winning Maths
Six strategies for maximising your lottery winnings using mathematics and probability
31 January 2023

Louis XIV: Versailles, Europe and the Arts
Looks at the reign of one of the most passionate and wide ranging arts patrons in history
25 January 2023

Students compete in final of Gresham Schools Competition
25 January 2023

DeFi, Crypto and NFTs in Business
Over the past 15 years, crypto has built an entire financial system from scratch
23 January 2023

Medical Experts in the Family Court
Discusses ‘clash’ of law and medicine in the family court
19 January 2023

Breast Cancer: A Cultural History
12 January 2023

Microbial Master-Chemists
How humans ‘domesticated’ microbial chemistry in food production and the evolution of antibiotics
11 January 2023

Coronary Heart Disease
Still the second leading cause of mortality in the UK
10 January 2023

Paganism in Roman Britain
Which new gods came with the Romans?
7 December 2022

How to Fight Fake News
Looks at solutions for growing online disinformation
6 December 2022

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Religion, Violence and Peacebuilding
What hope is there of a just, sustainable peace in Israel-Palestine in future?
5 December 2022

Do We Need Judges?
Is vesting power in judges undemocratic?
1 December 2022

London Air: the 70th Anniversary of the Great London Smog
25 November 2022

How to apply Game Theory to Duels, House Buying and Love
How to use  Game Theory in the Everyday Real-world applications
22 November 2022

Polio: A Cultural History
‘I am not polio!’ How cultural perceptions of ‘the crippler’ (polio) dehumanized millions of people
10 November 2022

Why Did Europe’s Economies Diverge from Asia?
Did the Great Divergence stem from Western Europe draining the wealth of colonised countries? Was it down to the use of coal that broke resource constraints? Or were other factors in play?
8 November 2022

The Partition of British India: 75 Years On
Uncovering the hidden, traumatic memories that haunt British South Asians
1 November 2022

Exposome: “a potential measure of the effects of life course exposures on health”
the 20-year gap in healthy life between wealthiest and poorest in England
27 October 2022

The Politics of Fabric and Fashion in Africa, 1960-Today
Renaissance and re-valorisation of African textile traditions and fashions after independence
20 October 2022

Who Owns the Internet?
Just as road safety requires a whole society response, so too with the Internet
7 September 2022