Dr Russell Re Manning

Russell Re Manning is a philosopher of religion with wide-ranging research and teaching interests in modern and contemporary philosophy and theology.

His research engages four related areas: the intellectual history of natural theology; theologies of culture; philosophy of religion; and topics in science and religion. Current projects include work on contemporary revivals of natural theology, a study of the Boyle Lectures (1692-1732), an analysis of the use of the concept of emergence in Christian theology, and development of a critical edition of the works of Paul Tillich in English.

Dr Re Manning is Visiting Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. He was co-chair of the American Academy of Religion Group 'Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture' and is past-President of the North American Paul Tillich Society.

In November 2011, Dr Re Manning presented The Paul Tillich Lecture at Harvard University, with the title: 'The Religious Meaning of Culture: Paul Tillich and Beyond.'

In June 2012 Dr Re Manning was awarded a grant from the Uses and Abuses of Biology Grant Programme to fund a two-year investigation ('Emergence: From Biology to Theology') into the uses (and abuses) of the concept of emergence in contemporary theology.

Recent publications include The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology (OUP, 2014), Science and Religion in the Twenty-First Century (SCM, 2014) and The Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich (CUP, 2009). He has also edited two books in the Barnes & Noble ‘30-Second’ series: his 30-Second Religion (2011) has sold over 58,000 copies worldwide and been translated into seven languages, and his 30-Second Bible was published in 2013. He is co-editor (with Michael Byrne) of Science and Religion in the Twenty-First Century: The Boyle Lectures at St Mary-le-Bow (2013).