IT Livery Company Professorship of IT


Annual stipend of £8,000 (plus reasonable expenses)


The appointment is part-time from 1 August 2022 and normally for three years. Gresham Professors present a series of six one-hour lectures each academic year. They also fully participate in College life, attending the Academic Board, being active in promotion and outreach, attending social events and acting as ambassadors for the College. The post offers excellent opportunities to widen public exposure for the successful candidate.

Reports To

The Provost

How to Apply

All applications will be managed in accordance with the process outlined below. No additional recruitment agency or executive search is being used, and no agencies may submit on another’s behalf.  

Formal applications must consist of:

1. A statement in the form of a letter explaining your suitability for the role as against the information and criteria specified in the Job Description and Person Specification, as well as details of the proposed lecture series.

The Professorial Appointment Brief can be found here.

2. A Curriculum Vitae of not more than five pages. Anything above this limit will not be submitted to the panel. CVs submitted without an accompanying statement as outlined in point 1 above will not be considered.

3. A list of proposed titles and abstracts for the first year’s 6 lectures (as for a submission of abstract for conference proceedings, c 200-250 words), plus an outline for the following two years (6 further lectures per year) to show the coherence of your programme.

4. A weblink to a lecture presented by you on the internet, to demonstrate your outstanding communication skills appealing to both specialist and non-specialist alike.

5. Indication of any social media presence you currently have eg Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or that you are willing to use (not essential).

6. Names and addresses of two referees

7. Submission of a Recruitment Monitoring form. This can be completed here:

Applications should be sent to Dr M. Clare Loughlin-Chow ( or by post to Gresham College, Barnard's Inn Hall, Holborn, London EC1N 2HH.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 9.30am on Monday 24 January 2022.

Interviews will be held in London on Wednesday 2 March 2022.

Gresham College is currently seeking a new IT Livery Company Professor of IT. A new appointment will be made to this position with effect from 1 August 2022.

The mission of Gresham College is to make new learning of contemporary relevance and academic integrity available to a wide and diverse audience. It provides an intellectually rigorous and stimulating programme of free public lectures of the highest standard, dealing in depth with a range of cultural, intellectual, and social issues. All its professors are superb communicators able to get across complex ideas to an educated but non-specialist audience. 

As the term of office of Professor Richard Harvey comes to an end, the College is seeking a Professor of IT who will continue to educate and inspire audiences, building on the 400-year-old traditions of Gresham College, at the same time as developing innovative ideas for the transmission of knowledge. The Professorship of IT was established in 2015, and is open to any discipline within the field, in such areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, software dependability, web technologies, HCI, computers and society, FinTech etc. The successful candidate will have a demonstrable ability to communicate the complexity of the subject to an intelligent and interested public. 

Gresham Professors are contracted to provide six one-hour lectures annually (which are live streamed and recorded), as well as participating in additional promotional filming, and engaging in Academic Board meetings and social events. It is common to hold a Gresham Professorship (with its specified commitments) alongside a permanent position at a University, professional institution or other body, but the home institution’s agreement must be secured in advance. The term of office is three years, renewable for a fourth and final year. 

Gresham College has an increasingly diverse world-wide audience and programme. To reflect this, the College wants to increase the diversity of its professoriate, and welcomes applications from everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. 

It would like to see applicants from the full pool of talent – especially those who have been and continue to be underestimated, underrepresented, and under-served. All appointments will be made on merit, following a fair and transparent process. 


Professors are appointed periodically, normally for a three-year term, which may be extended for a fourth year (maximum). 

The appointment of the Professor of IT is subject to the official approval of the IT Livery Company. An honorarium of £8,000 is paid (plus reasonable travel expenses etc). Honoraria are subject to tax and NI contributions, and professors are responsible for ensuring that a self-assessment is made for the appropriate amounts.

Professors’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


To contribute to the College’s annual academic programme, by preparing and personally delivering six public lectures a year (lasting one hour including time for questions), and making such other public presentation(s) as may be agreed with the College.

To provide written transcripts of lectures (and any other supporting resources such as PowerPoints) in advance of each lecture. These materials, together with live-streaming and video recordings, are made public through the Internet and other means.

To contribute to the College’s overarching aim to provide free education and outreach to a wide range of audiences, both locally in person and world-wide through the Internet. 

Academic Board

To participate in the activities of the College, including attendance at an initial professorial induction session, and at meetings of the Academic Board, which normally meets four times per year (October, February, April and July).

To advise as necessary and appropriate on College academic policy, programmes and proposals.

To participate in additional activities from time to time, both academic and social, attending other meetings and events (including social events) as appropriate, and where possible. 

Promotion of the College

To engage with the College’s production team on promotional filming for lectures and for the College more widely

To promote the College in external partnerships and at external events, acting where possible as an ambassador for the organisation, its members and followers.

To use the Gresham title wherever possible/appropriate when engaging in other activities, so that public attention is drawn to their connection with the College.

To promote the College’s reputation as a prominent, global education institution, committed to making accessible a wide range of innovative education and research.

Enquiries to Dr M. Clare Loughlin-Chow, Academic Registrar, telephone 020 7831 0575, e-mail

Further information can be found in the Professorial Appointment Brief here.