Building Back Better – The City’s Role in a Green-Led Economic Recovery

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Solving climate change is not something that can be achieved overnight; it is a long journey, one that is complicated by the economic problems we face after Covid-19. 

Every industry has a role in not only helping the economy recover from the pandemic, but also ensuring that any recovery is green-led. 

The City of London is a world leader in ‘Green Finance’ and has an important role in helping the country – and the world – to ‘build back better’. Through supporting sustainable infrastructure and creating green financial products, the City – and the UK’s – financial and professional services can fight climate change and, at the same time, support economic growth. 

Join the Lord Mayor and a panel of experts to find out more about how the City can help us transition to a sustainable and resilient future for all.

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This event was on Mon, 01 Feb 2021


The Rt. Hon The Lord Mayor William Russell

Alderman William Russell took office as the 692nd Lord Mayor of the City of London on 8th November 2019 and was elected to serve a serve a second year in office through 2020/2021 to ensure continuity of leadership during the pandemic.

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Mark Carney

Mark is the HMG COP26 Finance Advisor and UN Special Envoy.

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Liv Garfield

Liv is the Chief Executive Officer at Severn Trent.

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Rhian-Mari Thomas OBE

Rhian-Mari is the Chief Executive Officer at the Green Finance Institute.

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