Calisto a le stelle: Cavalli and the Staging of Venetian Opera - Part Two

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The second part of this study day included the following talks:

The Twenty-Two Steps: Clef Anomalies or 'Basso alla Bastarda' in Mid-17th Century Venetian Opera by Alvaro Torrente, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Ovid and the Ironic Gaze: Staging Male Desire in Cavalli's La Calisto by Wendy Heller, Director of the Program in Italian Studies at Princeton University

There is no transcript for this event

This event was on Mon, 22 Sep 2008


Alvaro Torrente

Alvaro Torrente is based at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Wendy Heller

Wendy Heller is based at  Princeton University

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