Is There Danger Ahead With AI: Superintelligence, Ethics, Work, Leisure and Automation

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Professor Wilks will discuss the argument that ‘superintelligent’ AI may turn against us, as Hawking and Bostrom have warned. It will be argued that these worries misrepresent the achievements and potential of AI, and that the ethical dilemmas of AI will be deeper and more challenging than just managing idleness due to automation, or how to blame an automated car in a crash. They will include how to treat the artificial Companions created to curate our own lifetimes of information.

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This event was on Tue, 14 May 2019

Yorick Wilks

Professor Yorick Wilks

Visiting Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Yorick Wilks is Visiting Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Gresham College.

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