Debussy - Text and Ideas: Concert

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A recital by Alumni of the Royal College of Music: Magali Arnault Stanczak (soprano), John McMunn (tenor) and Ouri Bronchti (piano).

Extract from Le Diable dans le beffroi (Edgar Allen Poe, reconstruction Robert Orledge)

Mélodies, including the Quatre mélodies de jeunesse and 'Le matelot qui tombe à l'eau'

Théodore de Banville (1823–1891)
Diane au bois (reconstruction Richard Langham Smith)

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This event was on Fri, 13 Apr 2012


Professor Robert Orledge

Robert Orledge became Professor of Music at Liverpool University in 1991, specialising as a historical musicologist in the way composers composed, and publishing numerous books and articles...

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Professor Richard Langham Smith

Visiting Gresham Professor of Music

Professor Richard Langham Smith is a musicologist who has written on Debussy and contemporary French music in general. He read music at the University of York, he then pursued further study on...

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